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Mechanical & Commercial Insulation Is What We Do


One of Colorado's Top Insulation Companies

The Eagle Insulation Company Team covers virtually every market in Colorado. We promote the proper installation and use of mechanical insulation.

Mechanical insulation is defined as materials applied to mechanical services for the purpose of retarding the flow of heat energy. The heat flow retardation can be from hot systems to cooler air surrounding the system or from cold systems gaining heat from the hotter air surrounding the cold system.

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We are the pipe insulators near you

We offer a wide variety of mechanical and commercial insulation services for various applications. Plumbing piping insulation services utilize both heat and cold resistant insulation materials to cover all varieties of piping attached to plumbing fixtures. Duct insulation is available for both HVAC duct and Fire rated grease duct. In addition, cryogenic piping insulation, plumbing equipment insulation and sound attenuation services are also available.

Commercial facilities we serve:

  • Apartments

  • Retirement Homes

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Schools

  • Higher Education Facilities

  • Office buildings

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers

  • Research & Development Facilities

  • Government Buildings

  • Data Centers

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The Pipe Insulation & HVAC Insulation Company That Brings Quality To Your Projects

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  • Chilled-water piping

  • Cryogenic piping and equipment

  • Fire-Rated Grease duct

  • HVAC duct

  • Plumbing piping

  • Pumps, tanks, boilers, and other equipment

  • Refrigeration piping

  • Sound Insulation

  • Steam, condensate and hot water heating piping

  • Ammonia Systems

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Who We Are

About Our Company

From the house down the street to America’s largest ethanol refineries, Eagle Insulation Company is a name that has been counted on for years for quality and professionalism in the insulation contracting arena. Fueled by a reputation for high standards, value, safety, and on-time dependability, combined with an extensive array of insulation services and capabilities, Eagle Insulation Company has grown to become a contractor of choice for many of our satisfied clients, and growing.

Today, Eagle Insulation Company operates out of Greeley Colorado serving customers across the Front Range. In addition to daily overview of our clients’ projects by skilled Foreman and Project Management, all Eagle Insulation Company General Managers are highly experienced, hands-on leaders. Combined, our workforce’s represent over 120 years of Insulation experience with the company’s executive leadership experience even more impressive.

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services from Insulation Repair to HVAC Insulation

What We do

Our Projects

The Eagle Insulation Company Team is a consortium of mechanical insulation gurus whose main objective is to promote mechanical insulation, industrial pipe insulation, insulation repair within the industry. The idea that projects will be secured for our members.

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